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SaharaToday Company Puts A Stop To Rottweiler Attack On Its Premises

Only a few hours ago, the Algerian native popular newspaper distributor based in Chicago, Sahara Today settled a case in court about a dog attack that occurred in within the company's premises a few weeks ago. The biting incident that took place nearly three weeks ago had caught the attention of dog owners and civilians alike surrounding the community. A company worker by the name of Elhan Adoule was making his way to the main building from the parking lot at around 6:42 pm. On his way to the building's main entrance, Elhan was dangerously attacked by three Rottweilers who happened to be on the premise. Elhan suffered severe bites on his left achile's tendon, skin tears from the dogs' paws on his ribs and face, and loss of blood.

dog bite lawsuit

The Rottweilers were initially believed to belong to Ms. Anzi, a woman who lives nearby the office premises for she owns a couple of dogs. However, investigations later found that the three Rottweilers did not belong to Anzi but rather to a man who lives a few only blocks away from the company premises. Hassan has been breeding dogs for security purposes in the town for eleven years and selling the dogs to the residents of the community. After the dogs have been trained to be effective guard dogs, he then sells them to residents. This is a common practice all over Algeria for the dire need of security against robberies and other potential dangers. Almost every home owns guard dogs in addition to having security guards. The neighborhood surrounding Sahara Today headquarters is an affluent one and residents certainly go the extra mile to ensure security. Historically, the neighborhood has been a target of robberies and sometimes murders. 

However, there has been a downside to the presence of many dangerous dogs without a leash. Many times this has resulted in biting incidences with other residents, visitors, and company workers. Only recently the incidences have been on an increase and almost causing a frenzy of worrying amongst people and residents.

Mr. Adoule's case was not the first one for the company to deal with. In previous years, the cases were settled between the owner and the victim with an agreement of no further incidences. However, recently, owners have been rather careless in containing their trained guard dogs within their compounds and instead, carelessly letting them loose, causing many damages to neighbors' properties and bite cases This is what led Sahara Today to finally file a dog bite lawsuit against the owner in hopes the legal move will curb the alarming rate of bite cases.

That is when the company contacted ChicagoLawyers to legally handle the case. The evidence gathering phase began. Mr. Adoule spent 4 days in the hospital getting would treatments and rehabilitation. The lawyers gathered information about the various injuries and treatment costs it has incurred for Mr. Adoule. After evidence was collected, the company filed a lawsuit with the local court to get compensation. The trial took three weeks to come to conclusion. The dog owner, Mr. Hassan was present in court and accepted full responsibility for his dog's action in exchange for a more lenient punishment. Furthermore, he agreed to keep his dogs contained a kernel and getting them rabies shots regularly. In the end, Mr. Adoule was compensated for his financial losses that we incurred from hospital costs, his salary loss for days spent in the hospital, and the pain and discomfort the attack left on him. [ref. http://www.kentlaw.iit.edu/academics/jd-program/focused-areas-of-study/personal-injury-law]

This is what he had to say: "I think it was about time these incidences were taken care of legally because a lot of people have been victims who have gone uncompensated. I think now, maybe owners of the dogs will and should be more careful with their (dogs') whereabouts at any time of day because it could be potentially dangerous--I can attest to that."

The Sahara Today leadership and public relations office had prepared a joint statement about the incident: "we would like to thank the hard working ChicagoLawyers team that fought with us to ensure justice was served and help in start making a change in this community. Had it not been for their efforts in the legal court of law, the problem would have gone on undealt with and perhaps escalate."